I am putting my new album Lumière out into the world this week.  I am terrified and excited as it is my most personal to date. It has taken me four wonderful and beautifully excruciating years to create this work.

I did a lot of writing on Lumière, and had the opportunity to make music with the most amazing team possible: My beloved friend David Tobocman was the main producer, co-writer, and oversaw every aspect of the album; cellist Dave Eggar did all of the string arrangements and his signature sound is all over this collection; the brilliant Everett Bradley wrote “The Sexiest Mistake” for me with Avram Gleitsman; my longtime producer, and film soundtrack score mastermind Frank Fitzpatrick created a magical and ethereal version of the sacred Gayatri Mantra; we wrote a track for “Hiding Place” around the astonishing talent of Moose Ali Khan and his magnificent Hang drum playing.

I had the greatest honor of working with songwriters/producers extraordinaire Heather Holley and Rob Hoffman on “Alone Together.” Heather coached me brilliantly through many vocals session with Scooby around to keep me calm and centered. Martin Zarzar came by a session in NYC without any instruments and managed to create some incredible percussion tracks for “Hiding Place” and “The Look of Love.”

Alex Vargas, James Flannigan, and JP Jones taught me how to write in our London sessions. Chris Joyner played accordion on “The Marshmallow Tree;” Jay Sustain brought melancholic song Lumiere to life with his uplifting, gorgeous remix.  Also, I am proud to finally be properly releasing Bliss‘ “Miles Away” and “Nocturne!”

It was an honor and pleasure to have worked with all of these friends, and many more.

Please buy, share, but mostly, enjoy this album.

With Gratitude,



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Welcome to the new

Welcome to my new official site at

This is an exciting time for me as we are just a little over 2 weeks away from the release of my new album Lumière.

This album is a big step for me as it marks my debut as a songwriter after many years where my focus was on performing and interpreting existing material. I’m sharing a lot of myself on this new record, and had the great privilege of collaborating with an amazing cast of musicians including my producer David Tobocman, cellist Dave Eggar, and many others.

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