The Myth of Red is fusion of opera arias, Russian folk tunes, and art songs with beat-driven electronic soundscapes. The MOR features 13 tracks inspired by or based on Rachmaninoff (Awakening), Caccini (Ave Maria), Pergolesi (Stabat Mater) Saint-Saëns (The Forbidden Dance), and The Incubus by the notorious poet Charles Baudelaire. The production, programming, and keyboards of Frank Fitzpatrick and David Tobocman, and the lovely violin of Lili Hayden support the album beautifully. Delirium, Joey Moskowitz, and Dan Martinez contributed remixes.
Miles Away features 5 songs that will be on Sasha’s follow up to The Myth of Red. Sasha teamed with the extraordinary producing team Bliss to create the original songs Miles Away and Carnival. David Tobocman wrote the haunting Marigold which Sasha recorded live with cellist Dave Eggar and pianist Emily Olin. Frank Fiztpatrick (producer of the Myth of Red) and Dave Schommer contributed their original take on Cyndi Lauper’s All Through the Night. L’amore E is a beautiful Italian ballad that features the haunting voice Philip Hamilton.
Sasha teamed up with soprano Shawna Stone and Grammy award-winning producer Peter Asher to put their distinctive stamp on original songs (including Stabat Mater from the Myth of Red), opera favorites (Una Furtiva Lagrima) and contemporary covers from Radiohead (Fade Out) to James Taylor (Close Your Eyes) to Kansas (Dust in the Wind.) The album will be released on March 6 on Manhattan Records/EMI.
As a fitting parallel to her career as a crossover artist in the electronica, chill-out genre (The Myth Of Red), soprano Sasha Lazard presents Moonfall, an album of songs performed live with an acoustic trio. Clean, direct, and passionate, this collection of songs, both classical and popular, offers Sasha's voice unadorned except for the emotions and musical colors that are here in full bloom. Her trio include her longtime vocal coach: pianist Emily Olin ( and cellist Noah Hoffeld.

"Unexpected": The theme song from the feature film "Kettle of Fish" (Composed by David Tobocman)

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