Las Vegas City Life

Judging from April 27th's "Powder Room" at Utopia, the club world will soon have another Sasha of note. Sasha Lazard, a classically trained opera singer based in York City, dazzled an eclectic crowd of about 500 with a performance worthy of neighboring venues MGM Grand and the Alladin theater for the performing Arts. Just before 2a.m., Lazard and electric cellist Michael Kott worked their way onto Utopia's makeshift stage. Twenty minutes of groundbreaking music ensued. Electronica easing from the sound system, Kott lashed at his cello while Lazard's soprano voice consumed the two-story venue. The product, which has been dubbed "trance opera," was simply enchanting.

The short (roughly 20 minutes) performance left the audience wanting. Fortunately for fans of Kott and Lazard, the duo will likely return to Las Vegas in the next three months. Lazard, a graduate of Bennington College and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, enjoys performing in the valley and a handful of clubs are interested in her services.