Fox News Channel


On Feb. 16 and March 2, Fox News Channel aired a special segment on Sasha's USO Send Off Concert for deploying troops. The following emails were sent in response to Fox reporter Mike Straka's insightful coverage of the day's events.


Dear Ms. Lazard,

I am a U.S. Sailor stationed in Atsugi, Japan. I have 21 years of service this coming June. I was just watching FOX news and saw how you supported our troops with the USO. I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your schedule and showing your support to our U.S. forces! I wish more celebrities would show their support they way you have.

Once again, thank you and God Bless you and the USA!





Dear Ms. Lazard,

Thank you for supporting our troops at the USO. I just saw you on the Fox News network. After visiting your web site and listening to your sample tracks, I ordered "The Myth of Red" via

Thanks again for supporting our troops.




Dear Miss Lazard;

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your visit with soldiers at the USO. Your gesture demonstrated such a wonderful display of patriotism and courage that it brought tears to my eyes. None of us "want" a war and do not wish to see our soldiers placed in harms way. However, it is our duty and responsibility as Americans to support the military personnel that answer the call to duty. Your generous gift of your time, your beautiful voice and your caring heart was certainly felt by the soldiers you touched and by many of us that merely saw the news article. You certainly have at least one new fan at this address! Thank You Maam!



(US Army, 1973-1979)



Dear Ms. Lazard,

Hello, my name is Mark and I am a medically retired vet. I saw your face on Fox News Channel tonight during the Fox Magazine report. You were featured as a celebrity at a recent USO function.

I just wanted to take a second to thank you and your management for attending this USO show. I'm assuming you have never been in the military so you probably have really no idea what your being there on that day meant to those soldiers and airmen. To be honest, I have never heard of you before tonight... my guess is that maybe some of those people you were there to entertain had never heard of you before either. I will say this though-- they, just like me... will never forget who you are.

So many thoughts... best and worst case scenarios go though your mind as you are preparing to deploy into a hostile environment. My combat deployment was eased by the fact that I was able to attend a USO show... if nothing else, it took my weary mind off of my future-- or lack there of for an hour or so-- just enough time for me to entertain the thought that everything was going to be alright. I never had the opportunity to think those people so I will just thank you.

So - Thank You.



Ms. Lazard,

I just viewed the piece on FOX New on the USO and the part you played in the send off of some of my comrades. I just want to say "Thanks." You deserve my support just as you have given yours to us. Again thank you for everything!

US Army