Music Connection
(06.10.2002 - 06.23.2002)
by Tom Kidd
Noted for her roles on the opera stage including Cinderella in Rossini's La Cenerentola and the original Diana in Carnegie Hall's production of The Goddess of the Hunt, model and actress Sasha Lazard has gone pop. Her newly released OmTown/Higher Octave collection, The Myth of Red, unites the soaring soprano with pop producer and DJ Mark Raskin and electronic cellist Michael Kott. The result is lovely; think Enya with a backbeat or a more atmospheric Sarah McLachlan. Included here are Lazard's two previous soundtrack offerings from Princess Mononoke and Holy Smoke, but the whole album is worth hearing for its depth and beauty. For further information about this project, contact Ken Sunshine at Sunshine Consultants, 212-691-2800.